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ZILDJIAN K Sound Lab Prototype 22"

ZILDJIAN K Sound Lab Prototype 22"

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22" brand new Ride; 2.734 grams. Large black logo on both sides and the "sound lab prototype" script; we can also see the engraved K.Zildjian logo and a very small serial number AJ 2010 730 (a dating? who knows...).

Wide but not so deep hammering, the lathing shows large grooves on the cymbal surface; this 22" Ride can be intended as a Medium Ride, with a medium high pitch and a well defined ping over a shimmering overtones. The medium size bell has good presence and volume.

Probably the Zildjian Lab's goal was to try a variation on the classic K Constantinople dark and warm tone, putting together the brilliant and defined sound of the Avedis series with the vintage, deep and mellow timbre of the legendary K.

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