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PAISTE 2002 22" Ride

PAISTE 2002 22" Ride

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Brand new 22" Ride; 3.183 grams.

Big sounding Ride, great for Rock.

Sizes: 22"
Weight: medium heavy
Volume: medium to loud
Stick Sound: balanced
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: clear, integrated

Introduction: 1971
Background: During the 1960’s the developing Beat and Rock music required a cymbal sound to match the new frequencies and volume levels and consequently in 1967 the Giant Beat series was created as response to this demand.

• The 2002 was developed 1971 fusing the power of the Giant Beat with the differentiation of the Jazz series Formula 602 • In 2005, Paiste once again makes the 2002 a core series for the future, including the best and most innovative Dimensions models into the newly expanded 2002, thus adding current trend cymbal sound to this venerable line.

• In the year 2007, the line is further expanded in to the loud genres by adding larger cymbals and the more aggressive “Wild” models.

Innovation: First cymbal series fully developed for electronically amplified music
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"
Quality: Professional
Production: Manual craftsmanship • Hand hammering, hand lathing • Proprietary manufacturing methods
Applications: Medium soft to very loud settings • Live and recording • Classic Rock, Blues, Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & most Modern Metal styles, Crossover, Country Rock, Ska, Rockabilly, Funk, R&B, Soul, Gospel and modern hybrids rooted in those styles
Users: Working musicians, enthusiasts • All players who need energy and drive and want their cymbals to cut through the music and superior projection in all musical settings
Sound: Brilliant, clear, warm, strong, musical and very precise with high energy levels and powerful and reliable projection characteristics.

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