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MATT BETTIS Custom 20" Heavy Ride

MATT BETTIS Custom 20" Heavy Ride

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Brand new 20" Heavy Ride, in immaculate condition, obviously... Weight is 2.959 grams.

Matt Bettis is a cymbalsmith from Los Angeles CA., who makes really great looking and sounding cymbals; made from the best B20 Bronze, every instrument is one-of-a-kind.

Bettis explains: "Each cymbal gets my full attention in every aspect, and I do not consider her finished until I am pleased with how she sounds and plays. It does not matter if she has already been hammered, turned on my cymbal lathe and the finish work has been completed. If she does not sound, look and feel right, she is not done. I create cymbals for all musical applications, from the thinnest jazz trio to heavy cymbals that cut through full stacks and make the ears of those in the front row bleed profusely. I will continue to create cymbals for all situations".

This Heavy Ride suits Rock and Pop applications with its loud and brilliant tone; the ping has a medium high pitch and great definition. The finish shows lathed circular parts and other unlathed portions, very original and peculiar.

Matt Bettis cymbals are quite rare; we can sometimes see them on Ebay auctions, and they often reach very high prices. 

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