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LUDWIG Bi Tone Outfit 1939

LUDWIG Bi Tone Outfit 1939

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Extraordinary Ludwig drum set from the late 1930s, in incredible great condition, without damages, modifications or other issues, only some scratches on the lacquer finish. The sizes are 26"x14", 11"x7" e 13"x9"; the 2 tom have "tacked" resonant calf heads, while the batter heads can be tuned by single flanged hoops and claws. The White Oval badge was present on 1930s drums, and the Black & Gold lacquer appeared in Ludwig catalogs from 1939 and 1955. We have a large felt muffler hooked on one bass drum hoop, and Slingerland 2 legs hooked in the same way; the 3-ply shells with reinforcing rings have rounded, al most flat, bearing edges, for a woody, extremely warm tone. Of course, these drums seem more for an exibition or a show, but they really sound great and would be a nice collector's item. They look beautiful in my dining room...

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