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Brand new drumset, assembled in our workshop with some beautiful shells made by RV Drums, an Italian drum company; sizes are 24"x15", 13"x9", 16"x16". The lacquer finish is called "The Stryd", the name of my Punk-Rock band.
The shells are made of 7 plies: 2 Mahogany (outer), 3 Birch (middle), 2 Mahogany (inner) with 45° bearing edges. We have chosen Slingerland Beavertail lugs, Tama Die Cast hoops on 13" tom and 16" floor tom, die cast bass drum claws, R.I.M.S.-style suspension on 13", heavy duty bass drum spurs. 
Remo heads all over: Pinstripe Clear batter and Ambassador Smooth White resonant on the bass drum, Ambassador X Coated batter and CS Control Sound Clear resonant on 13" and 16"; we let the final choice to the customers, anyway, just ask!  
A Punk-Rock oriented drumset, but you could play what you prefer... Big, loud and punchy bass drum and well balanced toms with lot of presence. We can do other size of drums to expand this kit, so again... ask!

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