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Marche Varie

ILGARAGEDIASSO Custom Maple drumset

ILGARAGEDIASSO Custom Maple drumset

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Brand new drumset, assembled in our workshop; 24"x14", 13"x9", 16"x16", 18"x16", 14"x6,5" snare drum. Keller 100% Maple shells (bass drum 10-ply, toms and snare 8-ply); the painting was called "Priscilla", from the beautiful movie and theatre show "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert": a purple paint with a sand effect... really nice under the stage lights!

We have chosen heavy Worldmax lugs "Slingerland Beavertail style", 2,3mm triple flanged hoops, die cast bass drum claws; precise, sturdy and smooth Nickel Chrome snare throw off and a 24-wire snare. Maple bass drum hoops, Pearl/Gibraltar style heavy bass drum spurs. Tom and bass drum have no suspension brackets, the 13" could be mounted with any R.I.M.S., Optimount or simply a snare stand (as pictured).

For a first "live test" the drums were equipped with Remo Pinstripe Clear batter and Ambassador Clear resonant on toms, Ambassador Coated and Ambassador Snare, Powerstroke 3 CS Clear batter on the bass drum. The resonant bass drum heads shows my band's logo... We let any choice of drumheads to the customers.

This set was made for Rock, obviously: fat and loud bass drum with punchy low end, well balanced, deep and defined toms. The snare has a great sensibility at every tension and dynamic range, really versatile.

In our workshop we make drums on custom order and repair on new, used & vintage drums.

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