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ILGARAGEDIASSO Custom 14"x6,5" Maple snare

ILGARAGEDIASSO Custom 14"x6,5" Maple snare

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Brand new snare drum, assembled with so much love and care in our workshop; 14"x6,5", satin "Blended Berry" finish.

8-ply Keller 100% Maple shell, 45° bearing edges, Black Nickel hardware. 10 single tube lugs each side, 2,3mm. triple flanged hoops, sturdy and smooth snare strainer, 20-wire snarewire, Remo Ambassador Coated batter and Ambassador Hazy resonant heads. There's a feature, not so evident: we pun any traditional vent hole, but we made 6 little holes: 4 are behind the snare side lugs, and two are positioned behind the central lugs, each one on the opposide side. I've seen this method on the snare drums of an Italian great manufacturer,so we tried... the result seems to be satisfying, but it could be a sort of autosuggestion! 

This drum has an open and full sound, resonant but controlled; great snare sensitiveness and wide tuning range (I prefer a high, cracking tuning) and it was tested in Rock-Blues-Rockabilly live gig (thanks to our friend Max "Animal" Moriggi!) and Jazz (thanks to our dear Pietro Fumagalli!),.

We made custom jobs upon request; for every inquiry you could write at and

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