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DW Collector Series Lacquer 22

DW Collector Series Lacquer 22

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Used drum set, in fairly good condition; the bass drum and the 10” tom have some scratches and dents, but very little considering the age of the drums and the fact that it has played so much. I point out some rust in the internal screws of the 14” tom.

22"x16", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x12", 16"x14". The four tom holders are included, the Pearl rack can be included in the set for an extra cost of 130 euros.

The drums are Keller, quite thick and equipped with reinforcing edges. Inside we find neither the production date, nor the serial number, nor the resonance note. It is probably a very early DW production, also testified by the old black badge on which the serial numbers are almost sequential. The lacquered finish is the beautiful "Candy Apple Red Solid", available only on request. The bass drum is not drilled, all other drums are equipped with the RIMS support system with the Pearl tom holder block. The bass drum, without any mutes, sounds big, full, defined, has an excellent punch and a great volume that is very balanced with the rest of the drums. The 4 toms are excellent, with a deep, resonant timbre and a very defined attack. Perhaps it is true that the old DW production was better than the current one.

It is a super fine, absolutely professional set, built with carefully selected materials and a very careful attention to detail. A very versatile set.

Certainly the14" and 16" rack toms, fashionable in the 90s, are now not so appreciated, but nothing prevents you from mounting two sets of legs.

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