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Drum Art

DRUM ART 5B Hickory

DRUM ART 5B Hickory

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5B. Strong body and acorn shaped tip give powerful and very balanced feed back. 


In Drum Art sticks you find the same precision, care and craftsman’s passion that characterises our snare drums. We know how important it is for a drummer to have sticks that comply with his needs. That is why we have we have specially designed balanced and calibrated sticks, to guarantee rebound and optimised response. We use hickory and maple wood. 

First, homogeneous and perfectly compact blocks are selected, and wood fibres orientated. Blocks are then machined to give them their final shape. A finishing treatment gives the sticks the highest touch comfort. At this step every single stick is ready for the final selection: a sophisticated check system to test its balance and calibration. Sticks are then set in couples in a case, ready to do whatever the drummer wishes, except playing themselves.

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