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ZILDJIAN A 20” Pang 1970/80s.

ZILDJIAN A 20” Pang 1970/80s.

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Ride 19” used, in excellent condition and without any defects. 1,874 grams, dates back to 2007.

Plate with a vintage stamp, with three rivets. Bright and very musical, with an enveloping but never intrusive sizzle effect.

Produced to pay homage to Armand Zildjian, immortalizing one of his favorite expressions: “Beautiful, baby”. Armand's laser-engraved signature is present.


Made to commemorate the cymbal-making legacy of Armand Zildjian

Features three-rivet cluster for cool, dynamic sizzle

Laser-engraved signature of Armand and his favorite expression, "Beautiful, Baby"

Unique 19" ride cymbal size

Delivers bright, vintage A Zildjian sound

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